Leo try the sole non-bionic boy on the Davenport-Dooley family until you Released Exactly what

Leo try the sole non-bionic boy on the Davenport-Dooley family until you Released Exactly what

, where he will get bionic by way of Douglas providing your bionic parts due to the fact his case was damaged by Taylor. After, into the Rise of your own Miracle Troops, the guy unlocked yet another function. He could be supportive out-of his mom’s marriage to help you Donald Davenport. To their first-day getting into their stepfather’s mansion, the guy satisfied Adam, Bree and you will Chase. He had been attached to them in the future and you may addressed him or her as the their individual siblings. In school, Leo is the kid during the « bottom of one’s food chain » just like the he’s among wise children (Crush, Cut and Burn). Although not, with the aid of their sisters, he was able to go up brand new ‘food chain’ and you can initiate to get found in university.

Leo is dedicated, compassionate, and you can wise. He has got exhibited such properties in almost any issues, particularly when their family members is actually with it. From inside the 12 months step 1, the guy demonstrated their loyalty so you’re able to their sisters because of the staying with her or him regardless of the chance that he will be harm (Mice towards the a subway); because of the sacrificing their go out having Janelle-and finally, his defense-if odds of him or her dying became impending (Right back On the Upcoming); and by staying the secret of utilizing the bionics at school despite their outcome away from him not being able to go so you’re able to a meeting he or she is been looking forward to likely to (Mission Hidden). The guy suggests that he cares in their eyes and about how exactly they become in the remote incidents, such as as he anticipate Chase to get himself by letting your have fun with their idea to help you beat brand new exoskeleton (Exoskeleton versus. Grandma); as he apologized to help you Adam and Chase to own proving her or him right up on dancing (Leo’s Jam); when he bonds that have Donald (Should i Use the fresh new Chopper?). His matter over its well-are is seen far more inside the Year 2. After discovering the real truth about your, the guy turned significantly more alert in their mind, actually risking himself again to prove to his family members the brand new risk one Marcus presents (Leo compared to Worst).

Having fun with his experience in science and path smarts to get rid of good high-rates instruct (Mice to the a train) and you will applying the easy some thing the guy observes so you can drain out an excellent dangerous gasoline during a mission (Missin’ this new Goal) are two days. Despite this, to your several days, the guy doesn’t just take account of your own possible outcomes out of his methods.

His intelligence and condition-resolving skills have come to relax and play in lots of circumstances

But not, Leo are manipulative and you will worry about-founded on occasion, which in turn comes from his unpopularity. He’s got rooked his siblings’ bionics many times. He’s made use of Bree’s view of your due https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/wichita/ to the fact this lady little sibling to catch an experience in order to their groups while having their ‘forgotten’ homework (S’s super energy so you can win the college exercise issue (Demise Spiral Smackdown); together with father-boy matchmaking he or she is designed which have Donald to be able to find a movie their mother forbade him observe (Job Conflicts). Leo plus rapidly transforms conceited when the some thing beginning to go his way, and you can serves stuck-up, generally causing him falling back again to a floor painfully. The guy also will punches their achievements or commitments out-of ratio, and make themselves out since a great deal more essential, common, and you may successful than simply the guy is really.

On Donald’s demand, the guy kept see more their sisters, especially when these were to Marcus (Rates Trapped)

Leo has also a practice of making his own issues; such as for example, he got caught up in the Prominent Perry’s private elevator, he try playing with even with youngsters being taboo (Processor Switch); him persuading Bree in order to misuse the woman bionic singing control leading to both of them are discover (Uncle Down) and you can disabling Chase’s bionics and inadvertently amplifying their bionic violence (Spike’s Had Skill ). He plus tend to lies, and you may spends lying to try to solve their troubles, generally speaking unnecessarily; although not, so it backfires on him whilst features remaining anyone else distrusting out of him, definition he possibly possess difficulties convincing him or her even if telling the new basic facts, as the demonstrated together with his efforts to inform him or her Marcus try evil.