Shortly after nightfall, Sawyer lies off close to Kate and you can she requires him as to why they are powering tasks to possess « Locke »

Shortly after nightfall, Sawyer lies off close to Kate and you can she requires him as to why they are powering tasks to possess « Locke »

James lays naked between the sheets with a female named Ava

The guy states he isn’t powering chores for anyone. The guy informs the lady regarding the Widmore and you will reveals his intend to let Widmore and you can « Locke » endeavor it out. He says you to as several males has the hands complete, he and you can Kate takes advantage of the challenge and also ekÅŸi bbwdesire have off the isle. Kate explains which they are unable to travel the newest plane. Sawyer states, « We is not using plane, Freckles. Our company is using sandwich. » d

Flash laterally

Ava reminds your regarding the an impending conference. The guy dresses and you will grabs a beneficial briefcase one to drops open and you may spills aside a lot of bundled banknotes. The guy teaches you your cash is to possess a financial investment and that he wouldn’t take long. Ava factors a gun on him, saying he’s a fool in the event the the guy noticed she’d be seduced by for example an elementary fraud trick. James answers you to she is the newest deceive as entire situation was a set-up: the bedroom is bugged and you can enclosed by cops. He explains that cops just want the lady spouse and you can prompts her to store herself by to experience along and you can using the briefcase to your. Ava disbelieves him and you can continues on holding your at gunpoint, so James states the newest code phrase  » LaFleur « . A police group, contributed from the Kilometers, blasts towards space and you can arrests Ava. Miles throws James their LAPD badge and you can James addresses Miles due to the fact « lover. »

Back into the authorities station, Investigator James Ford are calling a summary of men titled Anthony Cooper. When he groups you to definitely, Miles will come that have a cup off coffees to have your and you can overhears title « Anthony Cooper. » James hastily hangs up-and attempts to cover up record. Kilometers inquires about the telephone call and you may James states that it was an old buddy, function him with Los angeles Lakers seats. Kilometers asks when the James came across which friend in the Hand Springs when the guy ran indeed there last sunday. James are briefly mislead by the mention of the Hand Springs, however, the guy in the near future recovers and you can talks about bringing drunk and achieving a very good time around. Kilometers reminds your that he enjoys a blind big date having an excellent co-staff member of Miles’ father that evening. While the James attempts to back off in the go out, Kilometers regards him suspiciously. Kilometers says which he do not need to tell lies and can be truthful in order to your. James tells Kilometers that he does not have any reasoning to sit so you can your.

James gets to a club and you will calls Kilometers to ask what their blind time looks like. Kilometers demonstrates to you you to definitely the woman is a redhead. James discovers the woman and you can verifies this lady name’s Charlotte. They eat and you will Charlotte informs James one she is an enthusiastic archaeologist. She asks James as to the reasons he chose to end up being a policeman. He attempts to generate light of one’s question through reference into Steve McQueen film Bullitt. Charlotte answers you to definitely she wishes the genuine need, maybe not the only he spends because of the most other people. The guy grins and you may claims you to within a particular reason for their lifetime he realized that he may become possibly a policeman otherwise a criminal; he picked policeman. Later on, he could be in bed together in the James’ place and you may Charlotte requires so you’re able to borrow a good T-clothing. He directs this lady to one away from their compartments when he happens towards kitchen area getting drinking water. Charlotte rummages from the cupboard and you may finds an excellent folder marked « Sawyer. » An image appearing several using their son glides away, and Charlotte opens up the folder to change it. Inside folder she observes an old newspaper cutting regarding a kid eliminating themselves and his spouse; they certainly were survived because of the their nine 12 months-old child. The latest photo in the clipping is equivalent to the only you to definitely decrease out of the folder. James will come in and you will, realizing what she’s found, flies into a frustration. Charlotte tries to define that she don’t indicate in order to, but he says to their to go out of. d