Year 2 (19701971) Occurrence # 026 Year # 201 Title Led of the Written by Modern airdate Creation password # 026

Year 2 (19701971) Occurrence # 026 Year # 201 Title Led of the Written by Modern airdate Creation password # 026

Guest superstars: Vow Sherwood (girl away from Sherwood Schwartz) as the Jenny Wilton, Barbara Bernstein (child away from Florence Henderson) given that Ruthie, Carolyn Reed (girl away from Robert Reed) as Karen, and you may Chris Charney once the Paula Tardy

Greg’s ego works amok just after a compliment of La Dodgers basketball cluster pitcher Wear Drysdale. When Greg chooses to dedicate his very existence to the recreation, Mike attracts Drysdale out to discuss the disadvantages out of existence on the go, ensuring that Greg overhears. Yet not, it just convinces Greg way more that he’s next larger procedure. It will require a great twelve-work at shelling within his Pony Category games so you’re able to knock Greg right back in order to reality. Unique invitees superstar: Don Drysdale. 027 202 « The Babysitters » Oscar Rudolph Bruce Howard October dos, 1970 027

Greg and his brothers conspire so you’re able to disturb new team and set itching dust throughout the girls’ sleeping bags

Immediately after convincing Carol and you may Mike they are of sufficient age and in charge enough to babysit, Greg and Marcia remain accountable for the more youthful sisters for the first time. Since parents prepare to go out of getting an evening out and you may Alice visits assist Sam redecorate their flat, Cindy comes down for the sniffles which will be taken to bed. Carol, Mike, and you can Alice later on phone call to test Cindy but the phone is consistently involved, so that they the head where you can find check up on the kids. Carol, Mike, and you may Alice is actually expected because of the cops just after Greg known as cops in order to report skeptical sounds exterior. Invitees feabie superstars: Gil Stuart as the maitre d’, Jerry Jones once the a police (the next manager are uncredited). 028 203 « The latest Slumber Caper » Oscar Rudolph Tam Spiva Oct nine, 1970 030

Marcia is actually accused by university prominent J. P. Randolph out-of drawing a keen unflattering picture of the girl English professor Mrs Denton. Mike and you can Carol faith Marcia’s claim she simply copied a portrait out of George Arizona and never authored Denton’s name on the photo. It ensure it is Marcia to possess the girl planned slumber patry, however, she still has to suffice an effective week’s detention in school. Marcia will get convinced this lady closest friend Jenny are the fresh new responsible group and you can uninvites this lady. Since the lady clean up, Paula, a different one from Marcia’s family relations, acknowledges she grabbed the fresh attracting and you will added the insulting review. Marcia re also-encourages Jenny toward group. Special invitees celebrity: Age.Grams. Marshall as the J. P. Randolph. Note: Which event reunites Age. G. Marshall (exactly who played Lawrence Preston) having Robert Reed (who played Kenneth Preston) from their previous television collection The new Defenders off 1961 so you can 1965. 029 204 « The Un-Underground Movie » Jack Arnold Albert Elizabeth. Lewin Oct sixteen, 1970 029

Greg videos a documentary for the Earliest Thanksgiving, « Our Pilgrim Dads », starring brand new Bradys, to own a course project. Anything get free from hand if the Brady kids dispute more spots, and you can Mike produces unnecessary suggestions on the newest program. Greg reaffirms his manage and the film try a success. Blooper: Whenever Peter is supposed to be making it « snow » of the moving the package regarding flakes, he complains that snow is actually « stuck » and information the entire container out-of phony snowfall towards the members of the family. You can demonstrably understand the openings to your cardboard field has actually started covered with a large bit of white report and large items of tape when the container is upturned. 030 205 « Heading, Going. Steady » Oscar Rudolph David P. Harmon October 23, 1970 025

Marcia’s the fresh sweetheart Harvey Klinger are an excellent nerdy insect collector. The family first assists Marcia profit Harvey’s love, along with tutoring their to the bugs. When Marcia performs, Carol and Mike become uncomfortable in the Marcia just starting to « go steady ». Visitor a-listers: Billy Corcoran because Harvey Klinger, Rory Stevens because the Lester. 031 206 « Give me a call Irresponsible » Hal Cooper Bruce Howard Oct 30, 1970 033